Semi-Auto .308 AR-10 AA

Our .308 AR-10 nozzle is designed to fit most AR-10 cartridges on rifles with a standard ejection port opening.

  • this model will not fit rimfire cartridges
  • this model will not fit AR-15
  • may fit other semi-automatic and bolt action rifles

Please measure your ejection port opening and check that your cartridge rim diameter is within our specifications before purchasing. 


Ejection port opening - 71mm length by 13.7mm height (2.8 inches length  by 0.54 inches height)

Cartridge rim diameter - 11.10-13.40mm


- Quiet 60mm turbo fan

- The nozzle has a sturdy foot to allow the bolt to be closed on the nozzle if desired

- Utilizes 4 AA Alkaline batteries (please don't use enhanced cell, rechargeable or lithium batteries because they may damage the fan or the fan may fail to operate.

- Assembled in the USA with both foreign and domestic parts

- 1 year warranty

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