Semi-Auto .223 AR-15 AA

Our .223 AR-15 nozzle is designed to fit most AR-15 cartridges on rifles with a standard mil-spec ejection port opening

  • this model will not fit rimfire cartridges

  • this model will not fit handgun caliber cartridges if the ejection port isn't standard AR-15 mil-spec.

  • may fit other semi-automatic and bolt action rifles

Please measure your ejection port opening and check that your cartridge rim diameter is within our specifications before purchasing. 


Ejection port opening - 41mm length by 12.5mm height (1.62 inches length  by 0.50 inches height)

Cartridge rim diameter - 9.60-12.10mm


- Quiet 60mm turbo fan

- The nozzle has a sturdy foot to allow the bolt to be closed on the nozzle if desired

- Utilizes 4 AA Alkaline batteries (please don't use enhanced cell, rechargeable or lithium batteries because they may damage the fan or the fan may fail to operate.

- Assembled in the USA with both foreign and domestic parts

- 1 year warranty

Compatible Imperial Cartridges:

.17 Mach IV

.17 Remington Fireball

.17 Remington


.20 Practical

.204 Ruger

.222 Remington

.223 Remington

.223 Wylde 

.22 PPC

.22 Nosler

.224 Valkyrie

.224 Kritzeck

.223 Winchester Super Short Magnum

Compatible Imperial Cartridges:

.243 LBC

.243 Winchester Super Short Magnum

.25 Winchester Super Short Magnum

.25-45 Sharps

.277 Wolverine (6.8×39mm)

.30 Carbine

.30 Remington AR

30 American

300 OSSM

300 AAC Blackout (7.62×35mm)

.300 Whisper

.350 Legend

300 HAM'R - Wilson Combat

.40 S&W

Compatible Metric Cartridges


5.56×45mm NATO


6.5mm Grendel

6.8×39mm (.277 Wolverine)

6.8mm Remington SPC

7.62×37mm Musang


7.62×40mm Wilson Tactical

7.92x33mm Kurz

9×19mm Parabellum

10mm Auto


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