Magwell Chamber Chillers

Pre-Order 338 Magwell Chamber Chiller prototypes. The prototypes will ship around 4/1/2019.

We were able to get slightly better performance out of our magwell versions vs. our ejection port models using the same electronics and batteries.

We are currently offering prototypes of the USB only 338 Win Magwell Chamber Chillers. We are looking for consumer feedback on fit, performance and any other suggestions to make our product better.

Our Magwell Chamber Chillers are extremely durable and serviceable.

The 338 Magwell Chillers are modeled after the Accuracy International 338 magazine and utilize the rifle's magazine release to secure and release the chiller.

We will soon be releasing prototypes of an adaptable battery version of the 338 Magwell Chamber Chiller that can utilize either AA, 9V, internal rechargeable or external USB power sources. The customer will be able to select and change the battery sources with a screwdriver.

***Units will not ship with the filter pictured - we will be offering the filters for sale soon. They fit on all of our models with 60mm fans. We don't recommend using a filter unless it is absolutely necessary due to the air flow restrictions. In order to make a filter that actually filters small enough particles to be considered useful, airflow must be restricted. 

338 Magwell Chamber Chiller USB Only

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