• BETA-60 Narrow AA V3 Chamber Chiller Rifle Chamber and Barrel Cooler
Now shipping with new higher performance fans! This is the latest model unit (V3) with a narrow nozzle. The photo is from our previous model.  
The BETA-60 Narrow series utilizes four AA batteries and a 60mm fan for extreme barrel cooling in short and long action rifles. Each Chamber Chiller arrives with a satin black finish, allowing you to paint the unit any color you wish or begin using it as-is.
The BETA-60 Narrow has a slightly narrower nozzle designed to fit the Tikka T3 Short action, the Surgeon Short Action and other actions that have a slightly narrower ejection port than a Remington 700 or other variants.

BETA-60 Narrow:
4x AA Battery Box
60mm Fan
9.3 mm ID Nozzle (minimum port opening 58mm wide / 12mm tall) (2.28346 inches wide and 0.472 inches tall).

Chamber Chiller BETA-60 Narrow is a well developed barrel cooler for rifles with minimum port opening 58mm wide and 12mm tall. BETA-60 Narrow is ideal for rifle cartridge rims measuring 11.9-15.0 mm. It works best in bolt guns but may also fit some semi-automatic weapons. Please check your port clearance before ordering

Please Note:

The Chamber Chiller nozzle should only touch the outside edge of your chamber. The nozzle should not be inserted all of the way into the chamber.

Chamber Compatibility Guide:
.220 Swift
.22-250 Ackley Improved
.22-250 Remington
.223 Winchester Super Short Magnum
.243 Winchester
.243 Winchester Super Short Magnum
.250-3000 Savage
.25-06 Remington
.26 Nosler 
.300 Savage
.300 Winchester Magnum
.300 Winchester Short Magnum
.300 Lapua Magnum
.300 H&H Magnum
.300 Remington Ultra Magnum
.30-06 Springfield
.30-378 Weatherby Magnum
.260 Ackley Improved
.260 Remington
.264 Winchester Magnum
.264 USA
.270 Weatherby Magnum
.270 Winchester
.270 Winchester Short Magnum
.280 Ackley Improved
.280 Remington
.284 Shehane
.284 Winchester
.30 Remington AR
.308 Winchester
.338/300 Ultra Magnum
.338 Edge
.338 Federal
.338 Lapua Magnum
.338 Lapua Magnum Improved
.338 Norma Magnum
.350 Remington Magnum
.358 Winchester
.375 Holland & Holland Magnum
.375 Ruger

BETA-60 Narrow AA V3 Chamber Chiller Rifle Chamber and Barrel Cooler

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