AI/AICS 308 Magwell Chamber Chiller Prototypes


AA to USB Power Adapters For USB Chamber Chillers

A lot of customers over the years have asked for a Chamber Chiller model that will run off of both AA and USB power so we came up with this product that will convert 4 X AA batteries into USB to power our USB Models. This unit will work with any of our USB Chamber Chiller models.


These handy filters are easily removable with a screwdriver if a filter isn't needed. They are designed to filter large particulates and to have a minimum impact on the fans performance. The holes in the mess are 1mm in diameter. There is room underneath the mesh to add additional filter material if your application requires it. 
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We are very happy to announce the launch of our improved BETA-60 AA Chamber Chiller model for 2019! We listened to all of the feedback from customers and have addressed every issue with this model.

Here is a list of improvements to our best selling Chamber Chiller model.

1. Nozzle Strength - we identified an issue where a poor fit into a rifle chamber would cause excessive torque on the nozzle causing the nozzle to snap. Our new heavy duty nozzle addresses these issues by giving more clearance into the chamber which will prevent the torque issue we also redesigned and increased the thickness of the nozzle considerably. There is almost twice as much material in the heavy duty nozzle vs. our contoured nozzles.

2. Appearance - there have been several complaints about exposed wires and the switch position. We are now using an integrated fan mount and case guard which conceals the wires, it also changes the position of the switch and provides protection to the battery pack. The integrated fan mount also makes this unit serviceable. We have also switched to a higher quality battery pack with a nicer finish.

3. Output - although we felt the output was great on our first models we also felt it could be better. After testing hundreds of fans we had one built to our specifications that has significantly increased our air output.

4. Chamber Flag - our previous BETA-60 models were only available in black which isn't useful as a chamber flag on some ranges. The new BETA-60 will also be offered in yellow.

5. Lanyard Attachment - we thought it may be useful to have an attachment point so we added a sturdy lanyard attachment point to the fan base.

6. Battery Pack Screw - a few customers asked for them so they now ship on all AA models. They will require a small screwdriver designed for electronics or eye wear perhaps to use the screw. Feel free to discard it if you don't want to use it. The battery pack has a firm snap to the lid so we don't believe it is necessary.

BETA 60 AA V3 1