AI/AICS 308 Magwell Chamber Chiller Prototypes

We are very excited to offer prototypes of our new 308 Magwell Chamber Chiller designed to fit magazine wells on many popular short and long action rifles. Please allow 3-4 days for packaging.

We were able to get slightly better performance out of our magwell models vs. our ejection port models due to there being a little more room for air flow. 

These prototypes will utilize external USB power source only. We will be releasing an adaptable battery version soon that will allow the customer to select and change between 9V, AA, internal rechargeable and external USB power sources.

We will also be rolling out AI 338, AI 300 Win Mag, AR-15 and AR-10 Magwell Chamber Chillers in the very near future. 

Update 11-15-2018 - we added a few slots on the bottom of the unit that can be used to strap a small USB power source to the base of the unit with Velcro or Zip-Ties.

This unit does not come with the fan filter. The filters will be available soon as an add for any of our 60mm fan models.

AI/AICS 308 USB Magwell Chamber Chiller