• AR-15 .458 SOCOM AA Chamber Chiller RH Black

AR-15 .458 SOCOM AA Chamber Chiller Black Right Hand

The 458 SOCOM Chamber Chiller is designed to fit AR-15 rifles with enlarged ejection ports for cartridges like the .458 SOCOM as well as other semi-automatic rifles and bolt action rifles.

Minimum ejection port opening of 68mm length by 14.4mm height (2.68 inches length by 0.57 inches height.

It is ideal for rifle cartridges with a rim diameter of 10.50-14.00mm The AR-15 458 SOCOM AA Chamber Chiller Black uses a 60mm turbo fan and 4 x AA standard alkaline batteries.

Please Note: 

*** The Chamber Chiller nozzle should only touch the outside edge of your chamber. The nozzle should not be inserted all of the way into the chamber.

*** Does not properly fit rimfire AR-15 variants.

*** Does not fit any AR-15 with standard Mil-Spec AR-15 ejection ports

*** Use standard alkaline batteries only. High powered batteries, lithium batteries and rechargeable batteries may damage the fan or cause it not to operate.

*** Does not ship with batteries

AR-15 .458 SOCOM AA Chamber Chiller RH Black

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