Ejection Port Models

4 Models Available60mm turbo fans, AA batteries designed to fit AR-15, AR-10, short, long and magnum bolt action rifles.

Ejection Port Models
Chamber Chiller BETA-60

Magwell Chamber Chillers

Our Magwell Chamber Chillers utilize an AR-15, 308 or 338 magazine well to cool the rifles chamber and barrel. Our magwell models slightly out perform our ejection port models using the same electronics.

Magwell Chillers
  • Chamber Chiller Magwell rifle barrel and chamber cooler

Fans and Chronographs, it's what we do!

We are please to announce we will be offering a limited number of our new product the HALO Magnetic Chronograph. The HALO is a a free standing simple chronograph with no need to attach anything to your weapon. Simply select the number of rounds in your group and HALO will calculate your velocity spread and average velocity from your defined group. 

The HALO Magnetic Chronograph will only be available after extensive field testing from industry friends and after receiving customer feedback from prototypes. The complete unit should retail for around $100 and we will offer a 3 year warranty.  

We are also developing an intuitive app for HALO to provide an enhanced user interface.

HALO will be aseembled in the USA with foreign and domestic parts like all of our products. 

We are offering a limited number of HALO prototypes for delivery in August of 2018. Click here to purchase one.

*** 8-15-2018 Update - we are out of prototypes and are now waiting for industry feedback. We will keep you updated on the development of HALO.

*** 11-23-2018 Update - we experienced a few setbacks and have had limited time to finish up HALO. We will hopefully have some time over the winter to get the issues resolved and start shipping units again. Thanks for all of your interest and ideas. We are taking them all into consideration.